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an intense party changes the world


Name: Domenica (Dom)
Birthday: October 12
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 155cm
Favorite Foods: Miso Ramen, Gyoza, Chiken Parmigiana.
Favorite Drinks: Pepsi, Lemon Lime Bitters, Corona, Orange Juice.
Favorite Animals: Snakes, Tigers, Lions.
Favorite color: Hot Pink, Black, Silver, White, Grey, Baby Pink
Likes: Shopping, Watching Movies, Anime, Video Games, Listening To Music
Dislikes: RnB, Hip Hop etc., Insects, Hypocrites, People who are up themselves
Hobbies: Photoshop, drawing, Take random photos, going for walks, watch pvs, sleep
Personality: Cheerful, Teaser, Joyful, Caring, Up front, Innocent
Fears: Dolls, Clowns, Walking In The Dark Alone, Ventriloquists Dummies.
A phrase I use often: OMG WTF!?

i claimed rukis cheeks and reitas arms @ gaze_claim

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